Project Name:  1985 500se AMG

Quick Description: This is my main w126 car, one of my four “Keeper” cars (currently).  I really like the 199 “blue back” with black leather interior.  Since the gen1 interior is not perfect (even after replacing the passenger front seat), I’ve obtained a gen2 interior for it in black leather, two sets of front seats actually.  The car has wheel options of black Rials, staggered or square, and AMG pentas too.  I’ve obtained the correct rear euro bumper and an AMG style skirt for it too.  I also have tri-y I could add to the car.  I had obtained recaros, but used them on a different vehicle.  I do have a cream set that I could dye black though.  Lots of options here, and no rush to sell.  Also considering putting in a 5-speed manual, and have the pedals, bell housing, transmission, flywheel etc.  I’d just need some machining work on the bell housing, and the BMW clutch for the Getrag-265.

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price December 2020: $7000



Title: Clean Delaware title registered and insured in my name, passed emissions by temporarily making it gutless as noted in the thread above.

Year: 1985

Model: 1985 500se (AMG)

Transmission: Automatic (4-speed)

Modifications and condition: Rial N, AMG Steering wheel, side skirts both currently on the car, but additional items may include: AMG Penta, gen2 interior upgrade, Front AMG lip, Rear AMG style lip, Possible LSD diff, possible getrag 265.  All parts mentioned are currently owned, not pip dreams.  I do not have downpipes for tri-y headers, so that item is not mentioned. 

Recent Fixes:

Issues List:  ABS brakes fart when stopping.  Transmission appears to leak.

Picture of main project vehicle: