Project Name: Buffalo Black 1985 280se 4-speed

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price December 2020: $3000

VIN: wdb1260221a139930

Odometer: 290,000+ miles

Title: Clean

Year: 1985

Model: 280se m110 4-speed manual:

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Modifications: Vintage hubcaps, trunk lid from a 1989 300se (explaining the incorrect badging), aftermarket stereo, not the original air cleaner/filter.

Recent Fixes: Replaced trunk lid, fender, headlight, turn signals, cleaned interior, ground and painted rust, replaced portions of the fuel lines, replaced fuel pump, replace fuel tank, performed several tests to determine why the car would stall after running it to the redline which point to a sticky fuel distributor plunger at the full throttle extent, causing some occasional fuel flooding.  Planning to get the car registered, and use for daily driving at the end of December 2020.  All lights, wipers, interior lights, sunroof etc all work. 

Issues List: Rust. Sticky plunger.  Broken emergency brake cable for driver side rear wheel.  Odometer currently not working.  The bottom radiator hose shows signs of leaks.  Suggest replacing it and flushing the coolant (as of 12/2020).

Picture of main project vehicle: