Project Name:  1981 380slc + 1979 450slc Euro

Quick Description: Not really trying to sell either of these, but the two together might make a good project.  The 4.5 k-jet euro is in “high demand” locally, but could be sold at the right price.  The yellow 450slc has a pretty solid body, and also an anti-squat rear end and an LSD 3.06 differential.  The seller was supposed to send me the title on the vehicle but is ghosting me now.  So to save it might require mating it up with the 380slc that has a clean title.  Both cars run and drive.  Windshield smashed and hood cut off the yellow car.  Currently front bumper not installed either.  The silver 380slc looks rough, but is all there and has a pretty nice interior (good match for yellow car).    Oh.  I have another 380slc euro with no title that also runs well.  It’s body might go to a different project though.  Not sure.

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 2

Asking Price December 2020: $4000



Title: Clean MD title for euro 380slc.  Currently no title on the 450slc.

Year: 1978-1981 (not totally sure of each at the moment)

Model: k-jet 450slc and 380slc both with manual climate controls

Transmission: Automatic (3 & 4-speed)

Modifications and condition: 380slc has US headlights.     

Recent Fixes: Jason got the 450slc running.  Mike got the 380slc running.  The rear brakes on the 380slc are not working, and a plug has been put in place of the rear brake lines.  So going in reverse, the front wheels will skid if you brake fast.  Also, on slippery surfaces like the sand lot of the barn, the rear wheels will spin if you keep the car in gear while stopped. 

Issues List:  380slc rear brakes.  Bodywork on 380slc.  450slc hood.  450slc title missing.   

Picture of main project vehicle: