Project Name: 1972 350sl 4-speed euro v8 manual transmission roadster

Quick Description: This car was purchased for the rare 3.5 and manual transmission.When I realized how well the engine ran, and that the interior was actually pretty good, I decided to save it with a donor body.Thatís why it is included with a good running parts car.

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 2

Asking Price December 2020: $7000

VIN: wdb10704310006628


Title: Clean open title signed over by the previous owner

Year: 1972

Model: 350sl 3.5 euro

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Modifications and condition: Currently the rotted body has the bumpers and lights removed, and is not running.The engine does run with fuel pump attached to the d-jetronic fuel system.So the only parts that need to be fixed to have the car running with a turn of the key is to replace the fuel pump and possibly the fuel pump.The body is very bad, but the interior is decent with blue fabric inserts in cream colored mbtex.I would suggest using the near rot-free body from the 1972 350sl 4.5 US-spec car that I am including with this project to make one great car.The US spec 4.5 could be restored itself, but is the car Iíve designated to match with this rare euro.

Recent Fixes: N/A

Issues List:Clutch pedal goes to the floor.Fuel pump needs to be replaced.

Picture of main project vehicle:

Included Donor Vehicle(s):

1)      1972 350sl (4.5) US Spec with small bumpers, running and driving, but no title. Thread on that here: