Project Name:  1986 300sel 5-speed “One Last Hit”

Quick Description: Realizing this is an addiction, I considered this purchase “one last hit”, but hopefully it becomes more a “hit” as in a win, not at addiction hit.  Anyway, m103 manual transmission cars with the flywheel timing marks are quite rare in the US.  The earlier m110 cars are much more common, and even easier to make conversions.  So this one was just too special to pass up, even though I knew I should not buy more.  It was a running driving car I expected to have rust.  It’s not that bad though, and very fixable.  But having such bare bones options, I’m not sure where it’s going at the point I write this.  It could be an economical big body driver, but I may do a similar setup on the s124 I have.  I’m not pushing this car out the door by any means. 

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price December 2020: $5000



Title: NY Title as of January 2021 when this was written.  A few more things need to be done before taking the car through inspection.  It is currently (Jan 2021). Insured and driving really well.  Several videos are posted in the thread above as I was doing the “shake down” of the vehicle.  The car should be titled in my name in February 2021.

Year: 1986

Model: 1986 300sel

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Modifications and condition: Appears to have had the top layer removed from the seat covers.  The 1985 280se 4-speed could potentially provide seat skin donors.    The shifter is clearly not original, but I believe I have one from my 1985 280sl (that I replaced with one from a 1985 190e) to bring this one back to stock.  Aftermarket radio as of Jan 2021.  SLS rear end has been disabled, apparently with taller springs.

Recent Fixes: put it on the road Jan 2021.

Issues List:  Going to work on the brakes.  Drive shaft may need center bearing, as the car vibrates at speed when letting off the throttle but is fine when on it. 

Picture of main project vehicle: