Project Name:  1973 350slc 4-speed

Quick Description: Recently brought back from the dead after being stored in a barn in Indiana for years, and then going to an estate sale.  I bought it from the buyer.  The barn it was in was hit by a tornado and the front and rear glass was busted.  I brought it back from the dead, but had too many projects to worry about the weird alternator wiring after getting the car running.  About a year ago (as I write this Jan 2021) I put the car in my barn storage on the farm after I fixed the clutch and got the car running after replacing many fuel lines and laying some good glass on the car.  I have not “installed” the glass yet.  I’m not sure where this project will go.  But this is one of the rare factory v8 manual cars, and this drive train would be VERY desirable for a w111 coupe, or really any MB.  This car has lots of rust.  So I’m not sure if it will be paired up with another body or what.    

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price January 2021: $5000



Title: Clean Indiana title.  Maybe summer 2021 or fall I will title and register if not sold first.  

Year: 1973

Model: 1973 350slc 4-speed

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Modifications and condition: Had aftermarket wheels, and AMG lip and a crazy Zender spoiler on it, but all that has been removed.  The velour interior fabric feels too new to be original.  The body was Red at one point.  So the paint is clearly not original.  The drive train does appear all original.     

Recent Fixes: New slave and master cylinders for the clutch.  Made sure tank strainer was clear.  Got it running and driving and took it to the farm for storage.   

Issues List:  Rust.  Alternator wiring.  Windshield and rear windshield not installed, just taped in place right now.

Picture of main project vehicle: