Project Name:1992 300te s124 wagon

Quick Description: Bastardized wagon.Seems to be pretty rust free, and on the verge of bring brought back, but I made a bad decision of letting a friend cut a catalytic converter off it to trade for a 1985 190e 5-speed drive train.Maybe not the worst swap (2 cats for a drive train), but now Iím thinking about putting that wagon back together, maybe with the 5-speed.Iím going to buy the drive shaft needed in a few days (jan 2021).Maybe I will put this one back together.I donít know.

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price January 2021: $1000 (not including 5-speed swap)



Title: Clean PA title

Year: 1992

Model: 300te


Modifications and condition: (pretty stock now with correct 8-hole wheels)††††

Recent Fixes: Got it running again.

Issues List:No Cat.Need to figure out why hood not locking.One hood spring not working it seems. Radiator attachments not looking correct. Front end issues?Having trouble opening rear hatch last few times I tried.I believe driver side rear door does not open with outside handle.Cannot remember.Needs full exhaust now.

Picture of main project vehicle: (17Ē wheels that rubbed are not included.Now on w124 15Ē wheels.)