Project Name:  1993 200se w140 m104 3.2

Quick Description: Running driving salvage title car.  Nice interior. Don’t have the heart to scrap it.  My wife ran the salvage title through the washer and destroyed it.  Oh, I put the battery in backwards in the dark once and fried the alternator and wiring, but replaced it with wiring and an alternator from a ~1995 e320.  Two keys: one a “switchblade” with no electronics, and another regular key ordered from MB.

Online Thread for the main vehicle:

Youtube Playlist:

Number of Cars Included: 1

Asking Price January 2021: $800



Title: PA salvage title in crumbs. 

Year: 1993

Model: 300se w140 

Transmission: 5-speed automatic

Modifications and condition: Has aftermarket body kit that looks cheap on it.  Stock wheels were sold.    

Recent Fixes: got it running again including reverse gear.

Issues List:  Salvage. Power steering leak.  Radio does not work.  ASR light on I believe.  No catalytic converter or exhaust after the pre-cats.

Picture of main project vehicle: (These 18” wheels are not included with the car, but some 17” are on it now though.  The 18” wheels are available for sale though, along with the proper lugs to fit the w140.)